Building Consultancy & Project Management

Building Surveys, Structural Investigations & Defect Analysis

Whether you are acquiring single or multiple properties, we recommend our Clients undertake pre-acquisition surveys, structural investigations and defect analysis to avoid costly discoveries further in a property’s life cycle.

By implementing this detailed Due Diligence, 3PL Real Estate identifies and quantifies risks that could impact on value, operational reliability or future disposal price. Specific to each property we will specify bespoke risk mitigation strategies, thereby limiting risk and potential financial loss. We are able to offer solutions by analysing any potential risks, costs and relevant issues from an Expert technical perspective.

3PL Real Estate’s specialist advice comprises:

  • Pre-acquisition surveys and reports
  • Analysis and/or investigation of defects
  • Identification of deleterious materials
  • Planned and strategic maintenance
  • Inspections and Reports on mechanical and electrical services
  • Technical advice on risk
  • Accurate assessment of cost (where appropriate monitoring constructionand development)
  • Guidance on construction quality, legal, Statutory, contract and warranty matters
  • Limiting our Clients’ repairing obligations at the outset of the lease
Project Management & Contract Administration

At 3PL Real Estate we understand that each Project is unique and to maintain momentum we identify two main interrelated keys to success.

Initially we help our Clients to retain control of every aspect of a Project: quality; cost; programme; delivery and safety. Whether working with our own Designers or as part of our Client’s Professional Team, we can provide a full Contract Administration service, advising on implementation of the contract, valuing and certifying an agreed Schedule of Works, and administering Practical Completion.

Secondly, our service is tailored to suit each Client’s specific requirements, providing flexibility for an extensive range of Projects and greater cost control – whether it be an office fit-out, dilapidation works or a new bespoke building.

Our expert knowledge includes:
  • Meeting insurance requirements
  • Providing advice on the most appropriate Contract
  • Robust monitoring of Contractor performance
  • Budgeting and certification – ensuring you pay only the right amount at the right time
  • Delivering a completed building Project on time and on budget – ensuring everything is right first time
Dilapidations – Assessing & Defending Claims

Dilapidations and reinstatement claims require the input of a Surveyor who understands the contractual and legal positions of Landlord and Tenant alike. In addition, complex claims and mitigation strategies involve a series of components driven by case law and Statutory Protocols, and therefore require professional advice. At 3PL Real Estate we are well equipped to negotiate the best possible settlement by guiding our Clients on all aspects of the dilapidation process. Our expertise includes:

  • Initially limiting our Client’s repairing obligations at the outset of the lease
  • Advising on Interim, Terminal Dilapidations Schedule and compliance with break clause covenants in respect of property repair and reinstatement
  • Providing an exit strategy to identify the most cost effective defence to any Landlord’s dilapidation claim
  • Negotiating the best possible financial settlements in lieu of damages for breaches of repair
  • Implementing repair works and ensuring compliance with leasehold covenants